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The Greenpals Sustainability Directory…London

What we’re about…

We are a directory that lists ethical and eco-friendly businesses in the UK and beyond. Its aim is to give sustainability-minded businesses and entrepreneurs a place to promote their products and services to citizens who care about alternative and more sustainable ways of consumption.

We also organise events where small business owners, social entrepreneurs, leaders of community initiatives etc. present their activities and products and especially talk about their sustainability practices. We are always looking for initiatives from any field: it can be ethical fashion, natural local foods and sustainable farming, fair trade, waste reduction and recycling, green services, transportation, tech innovation...anything that helps us have a more positive environmental and social impact as citizens and consumers!

Review the directory to find the business or service that you need.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Have yourself a great day!

Ronne Tutt, Founder MLGM – GREENPALS

Promoting Climate and Social unity!



Current operations, projects, and goals:

  • Promoting our Clean Energy ECOnomy (CEECO)
  • Promoting our Clean Energy Carbon Credit (CECC Co2 Emission Permits).
  • Promoting our 'Carbon Offsetting' service which includes the CECC Co2 Emission Permits. These are available in differing amounts...1/2, 1, 2, 6,10, 20 tonnes.

    "To assure transparency, we compensate the GHG emissions at the United Nations 'Climate Neutral Now' platform, which presents a wide range of emissions reduction projects, all passed through a rigorous registration process, validated by United Nations Climate Change."

*We also fund and develope our own global sustainability projects. Most recent being 'Peatlands.'

* We encourage all people from all walks of life to participate in lowering personal & business carbon footprint/s.

* We also promote 'Green Money' in the form of Crytpo Tokens (CECC, CEECO, UNSDG, FCT).

SYNERGISTIC APPROACH...With your help we foresee an exciting new future for humans, all species, and our planet! We continue to build our team and our community around decent honest people who know what integrity really means.

Working together, and with a great deal of 'passion,' we're creating a world where Prosperity, Freedom, and a Sustainable LifeStyle, are the norm, where renewable and clean energies replace the fossil fuels and practices of the 'old world'.  The result being the planet, all species, and all people start living in harmony and thrive once again!

We continue to introduce innovative solutions and give users (our members) options to do their part and compensate their greenhouse gases emissions within our websites, apps, and partner programs, in the quickest, safest, most accountable way possible.

We believe it is important to take action on 'Climate & Social' unity not only domestically but also globally. We see our Clean Energy Economy (CEECO), along with our 'passionate' GREENPALS members, contributing to a successful and speedy transition to sustainable living while at the same time promoting Social Unity.

MaxLife Global Management being founded in 2015 by Ronnie Tutt who imagined a more 'prosperous and sustainable' lifestyle with the potential for mass adoption.
Ronnie Tutt: Founder, MLGM - GREENPALS
Sustainability Consultant. Director of Finance. 
Sustainable Energy Finance - Climate Adaption Finance - Diploma Green Finance


Get your business recognized for supporting Sustainability!
Place an AD and receive the GP Directory graphic along with the QR code pointing directly to your GP ad page (GP membership card also has QR code).


Benefits of listing:

  • Proud to be a member of GREENPALS
  • Get your business in front of our growing GREENPALS community.
  • Local and Worldwide exposure.
  • Membership card with QR code. Points directly to your GP directory page.
  • Your GP directory page indexed on Google and other main search engines.
  • Ad boosted on 40 MLGM high traffic web sites
  • Refer-a-Friend...£10 for you, £10 for your friend (conditions apply)
  • Become a GREENPALS certified 'GREEN' business (conditions apply)
  • Promote your sustainability efforts with our eye-catching graphics (vehicle/stationary) and merchandise (recycled/eco-friendly).

Benefits to those using the directory:

  • Trusted GREENPALS directory members
  • Sustainability profile available.
  • You can contact our experienced support team to report any problems.
  • Any bad practices reported then person/s or business will be immediately removed from the directory and membership terminated.
  • Use of our support ticket service, phone-in service, or contact form
  • Friendly helpful staff. Available 7 days a week.
          ...GREENPALS Team