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Please note: All ADs are posted manually by our listing team. This ensures relevant information/content is shown and the business is suitable for inclusion in the directory.

Please review the following information:

GP Directory rules:
*You will need to agree with the rules listed below.

Placing your Ad.  

FREE LISTING / AD: Business name, type of business, address, phone#.
(please include the sustainability goal/s that you support).
If you are taking advantage of our FREE listing 'Register' first.

Then send your AD details for review to: listingteam @
If satisfactory we will go ahead and list the AD, if not we will contact you.

Paid Listing.
1. Register and pay for your listing at our MLGM HUB store.
2. Details on how to submit your ad are then shown.
(details are also available in our knowledgebase / FAQ's.

You have the option to send your AD details via email:
listingteam @

We review every application. Not all ads are suitable for inclusion.
If we need any further information we will contact you.

...Many thanks!

Directory Rules...

  • I/My company supports and adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • I/We do not own or operate an animal slaughtering, butchers, or animal processing business.
  • I/We do not sell 'junk'or 'processed' foods.
  • I/We are not involved in modern slavery or cheap labour
  • I/We do not buy or sell goods from China's Xinjiang province (PROVEN to use slave/enforced labour!)
  • I/We are not involved in the business of Deforestation.
  • I/We are not an executive/s of a fossil fuel company.
  • I am not a registered lobbyist.
  • I am not an executive of a health insurance or pharmaceutical company.
  • I am not an executive of a big tech company.
  • I am not an executive of a big bank.
  • I am not an executive of a private equity firm.
  • I am not an executive of a hedge fund.
  • I/We are not part of an *agribusiness

*Agribusiness commonly degrades the soil, depletes it of carbon, reduces its water-holding capacity, poisons the land, pollutes waterways and the ocean, and produces polluted, homogenised food of inferior quality. In Asia it destroys communities and displaces people into vast city slums where they become cheap labour.

Benefits of listing:

  • Proud to be a member of GREENPALS
  • Get your business in front of our growing GREENPALS community.
  • Local and Worldwide exposure.
  • Membership card with QR code. Points directly to your GP directory page.
  • Your GP directory page indexed on Google and other main search engines.
  • Refer-a-Friend...£10 for you, £10 for your friend (conditions apply)
  • Become a GREENPALS certified 'GREEN' business (conditions apply)
  • Promote your sustainability efforts with our eye-catching graphics (vehicle/stationary) and merchandise (recycled/eco-friendly).

Benefits to those using the directory:

  • Trusted GREENPALS directory members
  • Sustainability profile available.
  • You can contact our experienced support team to report any problems.
  • Any bad practices reported then person/s or business will be immediately removed from the directory and membership terminated.
  • Use of our support ticket service, phone-in service, or contact form
  • Friendly helpful staff. Available 7 days a week.
          ...GREENPALS Team