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Carbon Emission Credits

o2 Emissions Permit.

Personal Co2 emissions… 

The average Co2 emission of a person living in England is 12.7 tonnes Co2 per year. 
The average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tonnes, one of the highest rates in the world.

Globally, the average is closer to 4 tonnes. While a person living in Chad uses less than 1 tonne.

To limit global warming to 2°C, the average Co2 emission per capita on our planet must not exceed 2.1 tonnes by 2050. 

Median UK household emissions are 17.1 tonnes of Co2 emission per year whilst the mean is as high as 20.2 tonnes.

Clean Energy Carbon Credits (CECC):

Half tonne £25, 1 tonne £50, 2 tonne £100, 6 tonne £300, 10 tonne £500, or 20 tonne £1000). 
Suitable for both personal & business carbon offsetting programs.

Available for purchase from MaxLife Global Management at the MLGM HUB website:  https://mlgmhub.com 

You will receive your CECC Permit and the GPGD graphic (download) as soon as your purchase is completed.


Funds created by the CECC program are then used on the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform to purchase units (carbon credits).
The result being…the UNSDG ‘Climate Action’ initiative gets subsidized, global projects get funded, carbon reduction is realized.

The ‘17’ UNSDG Global Goals
For Sustainable Development…

Implementing the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

The 17 goals include…

GOAL 1: CLIMATE ACTION. GOAL 2: NO POVERTY. GOAL 3: ZERO HUNGER. GOAL 4: Good Health and Well-being. GOAL 5: Quality Education. GOAL 6: Gender Equality. GOAL 7: Clean Water and Sanitation. GOAL 8: Affordable and Clean Energy. GOAL 9: Decent Work and Economic Growth. GOAL 10: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. GOAL 11: Reduced Inequality. GOAL 12: Sustainable Cities and Communities. GOAL 13: Responsible Consumption and Production. GOAL 14: Life Below Water. GOAL 15: Life on Land. GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions. GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal.

Here at MLGM – GREENPALS we enthusiastically support all 17 of the UNSDG’s with ‘Climate Action’ currently at the forefront.

It goes without saying that to have any significant impact we have to raise a great deal of money. Our GPGD is one method. Our GreenPals Cooperative another.  We also create funds by selling CECC Co2 emission permits. Profits are used to support various environmental projects running on the UNSDG platform along with our own (e.g. optimization of peatlands, waste water management) plus children’s educational programs.

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